21 July 2011

Lion Has Been Released!

Earlier today, Lion was released. Oh yeah, most of you guys will probably have no clue what Lion is, so let me start explaining.

A Lion is a beast in the wild, right? So when you hear the words "lion" and "released" in the same sentence, you are probably thinking some zoo keeper got the key to a lion's cage stolen by a monkey and the lion went on a rampage destroying stuff. Well you are right, but I am not really talking about that..........The lion is the king of the jungle, so Lion is the king of its jungle. Those observant ones will be thinking..."GDS should really start using capital letters correctly! Lion is not a proper noun...", well all I have to say is...good eye! You are right in saying that I should use capitals correctly, but Lion and lion are 2 different things, so no, I am doing the right thing. Thanks for the help anyways!

Let's take a step back from our clumsy old zookeeper and our friendly (hopefully) tamed lion, and talk a bit about computers. ~~~ When you press that beautiful round "on" button on your computer, you are telling lots of things to do lots of stuff. Although you are just exercising your finger muscles, you are also exercising your computer to do stuff. You are telling the hardware, which is the battery, and all that silicon placed inside that metal or plastic case, to do stuff, like run the OS. OS stands for Operating System, which is what actually runs your computer. The internet browser you are using right here, right now, is just a part of that wonderful (or not so wonderful) "OS" we are talking about here. So when you turn on your computer, the OS starts up, and comes up with a startup screen, then a login screen where you can put in your password and get into your computer and access all your homework, games, or other stuff (let's not go there...hehe). There are different types of OS, some pretty, some ugly, some fast, some slow, some customisable, some non-customisable. It depends. Windows, for example, is beautiful but slow. Mac OSX is fast, semi-pretty, but isn't very customisable. Linux, on the other hand, is all 3, but isn't that stable, and is for advanced users.

These different OS's are made by different companies. Microsoft makes Windows, Apple makes Mac OSX, and Linux is made by a range of different people. Now onto Lion. Lion is a brand new OS made by Apple, and it's really fast, and is a substantial upgrade from it's predecessor. So, what's the whole point of paying money to upgrade to this new technology if you aren't a tech fanboy or fangirl? It's features and usability. Snow Leopard is its predecessor (I know, Apple is the zookeeper of the tech world), and looks very different from Lion. Lion uses what are called "gestures". Gestures are movements of your fingers and hand, to toggle between applications, documents and the internet, without the hassle of menus and keyboard shortcuts. It's the way technology is heading. If you don't know what keyboard shortcuts are, they are when you press the keys on the keyboard in a certain order, you can get to an application or the internet quicker.

Lion has all these new features, 250 of them, and it would take forever to explain them all, but you hopefully get the picture. It's bigger and better, and only costs $31.99. This is what all the big commotion is about, and millions of people got it on the first day alone, so if you have a Mac (Apple Computer), think seriously about getting this, because it's where everything is heading. And remember, it's not an terrifying animal or anything to be scared about, but just another part of your amazing computer. So, the next time you are asked about a computer or an OS, just say "I know that, I'm an expert" and think about me, GDS, and this article that helped you with your knowledge about the computer world.


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