14 July 2011

Ask GDS #1 - Prepare Your Mac For Lion In 10 Easy Steps

You might have heard that Mac OSX Lion is coming out sometime soon, but did you ever think TOMORROW??? No, you probably didn't, but it is reported to be possibly coming out as early as tomorrow. Any normal Mac user would just go...."Oh cool it's Mac OSX Lion on the App Store! Let's go download it and install it!"....

WRONG! Ask GDS first!

Your computer will have all sorts of fragmented bits (Yes, Macs DO get fragmented...sometimes) and broken apps and whatnot. Some websites say you have to get these millions of programs and do a million things, and do heaps of manual stuff that will take ages, and a considerable amount of intelligence, but I say NO! This guide to prepare yourself Mac OSX Lion is aimed at dummies, and could even be of use to smart people because this method rules ALL :)

All your other guides have 5 and 6 steps that are each in depth and are many paragraphs long, but mine has  about 10 easy steps. So here goes:

1. Turn on your Mac
2. Plug in your External Hard Drive and dump all your stuff (e.g. Apps, Docs) in there.
3. Eject your External Hard Drive
4. Insert Snow Leopard CD and Shut Down
5. Turn on and hold the 'c' key until the Apple Logo comes up
6. Find Disk Utility and completely erase the hard drive (e.g. Macintosh HD)
7. Click Install Snow Leopard and wait
8. Turn on computer and create new user account
9. Run Software Update, from the Apple Menu on the top left and update everything.
10. Restart your computer and go to Mac App Store, Download Lion and Install

This is better than any other method because it involves completely wiping the hard drive and starting over, so you don't have to worry about those temporary files and other stuff clogging up your hard drive. Hope you enjoy installing Lion easily and worry-free using this guide! Bye!

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