31 May 2011

This Is My Blog.

Yeah so this is my blog.

So far there is nothing (except for a completely awesome background image thanks to This Website). I have never done a blog, so...EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED :P.............anyways, back to the topic. So yeah there is nothing so far, but soon there will be heaps of stuff...and that stuff will be awesome.


Great word, I will use it a lot in these blogs, so don't be surprised if the word awesomeness appears twice (awesomely) in every single awesome sentence on my awesomeness blog. Confused you yet? I hope not!

So I will be posting stuff about Apple, Sony, and other technological sites. Mainly rumours and the new stuff about the companies. I will also be posting about general random stuff and about life and whatnot. So sit back, grab a bag of popcorn, some 3D glasses, and RELAX!!! :D

Signing off my first blog post,

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