23 August 2011

The Life Cycle Of An iPhone (Tiny Tadpole to Ferocious Frog)

"This is a day I have been looking forward to for 2 and a half years"

These are the exact words Steve Jobs recited softly, but powerfully to the expectant audience in a San Francisco building at the Macworld 2007 event on January 9th. Nobody suspected Steve to unveil a phone. For years before, a phone was a device where you called people, and that was it. Well that day was about to change everything. Steve introduced the first iPhone, and although it had only "basic", as we would look at it today, features, they were absolutely revolutionary for the time. Using your finger to touch! Scrolling with such smoothness! There was no app store, no front camera, a clunky 2MP camera, and nothing like we have today. Samsung has only gotten the hang of scrolling now, many years down the track...

Steve started a legacy that will never be forgotten. 4 years later, the Apple Fanbase is expectant of a fifth generation of the spectacular phone, supposed to be majorly changed in design and power. The years have brought stronger, more beautiful iPhones, tens of millions of people own iPhones around the world - Steve Ballmer is now looked upon as a fool for saying what he said about the iPhone that year. Thanks to the amazing company IntoMobile and their awesome infographic-creating skills, we now have an image summing up the key features of all the 4 generations, and how they have progressed. They have also added the current predictions for the next iPhone, the iPhone 5, which should release in early October. Here it is, in all its glory:

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