18 February 2012

Performing A Switcheroo!

Many of you will know me from All Things Awesomeness, but to those who don't, I'm GDS. You can check out the About/Contact Page to get a better understanding of who I am and what I do. In short, I'm a casual tech-blogger.

Recently, I have been doing ye olde 'switcharoo', as some call it. Basically, I have been transferring most of the formatting & posts (note that I say most), to this newer, less cluttered website. I have filtered out the rubbish rants & atrocious articles (see what I did there?), while letting the solid reviews and cheeky tutorials through the hole. Albeit as some of you may have noticed, the dates of publication for most of the articles have been whacko for about a month - this is due to the ongoing pressure of high school (I'm in my final year), and my social life...but never fear, that break is completely OVER, as I have managed my tasks and finally have a balanced life, so be ready to jump back on the ATA bandwagon, and rock out all day and all night.

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